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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 20, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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care very affordable. >> tom: you are not alone. a lot of people watch health insurance premiums go up. when it comes to assault weapons what is in that name anyway. >> tom: i don't know what they are talking about. yes, a bullet heading toward you is going to assault you no matter what it comes out of. thanks to everyone who contacted us. tom sullivan show we're open for business 24/7. you can check out facebook page, and we're on twitter. there is little blue bird, follow me on twitter on sullivan radio and all the ways to contact us is my main website which is simply my name is
8:01 pm we're on many local radio stations every weekday 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern. we'll have another great tv show for you next week. in the meantime, i hope you to says. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. breaking news at this hour. the associated press reported that one american was the standoff between a terrorist group in this arid desert. at least 20 of the original 132 hostages taken at the bp gas plant still missing. confirming that americans are among the hostages being held. refusing to put a number on how many. the leader of the terrorist group signaling that at least
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two americans are among those hostages, and he is offering to freedom in exchange for the release of the world trade center bomber, the so-called blind sheik. a pakistan scientist jailed for trying to kill american soldiers in afghanistan. the statate department flatly denying the request. >> the united states does not negotiate with terrorists said. >> all say it again. the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. >> we do not negotiate with terrorists. we are obviously in consultations. lou: the problem with that statement is that this government has negotiated with terrorists. our government has been engaged in talks with the taliban and afghanistan since early 2009.
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the same group that has been a safe haven in the immediate aftermath of september 11th. documents found in the abbottabad compound the lion was killed proving a close working relationship between the two. the same group that is also responsible for a large portion of the 2200 american soldiers killed in afghanistan since 2001. not to mention the palestinian liberation organization the designation changed after we helped negotiate the deal. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton chose her words carefully, while suggesting that the algerian government could use a hand in the battle in that region. >> it is absolutely essential that we broaden and deepen our counter-terrorism cooperation going forward with algeria and
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all countries of the region. i make clear to the prime minister that we stand ready to further enhance the counter-terrorism support that we already provide. lou: the situation on the ground in algeria is changing by seemingly the moment. we have it covered here. we will be bringing to you the developments throughout this hour. philip benton unofficial will be joining us. former special assistant to president george w. bush with us. conservative columnist and culture among our guests tonight. we begin with the very latest on the american killed in the hostage situation in algeria. fox disaster security correspondent jeff griffin with our report. >> in exchange for two american hostages, the kidnappers want to convicted terrorists released from u.s. prison. incarcerated for life for his
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role in the 1993 world trade center bombing and a pakistan in are a scientist who shot to american soldiers in afghanistan . the state department immediately ruled that out. >> the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. >> the state department, pentagon, and white house all were quick to call this attack terrorism. >> let's not forget, this is an act of terror. the perpetrators are the terrorists. >> terrorists should be on notice. there will find no sanctuary, no refuge, not in algeria, north africa,not anywhere. >> the u.s. military sent a c130 and a transport plane to evacuate the wounded, but the algerians are still rejecting any foreign counter-terrorism help at the bp complex.
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those who escaped described how the algerian military straight the convoy of five buses leaving the compound hitting the first four. an irish hostage to escape told his brother the attackers but bomb built on them as they were transferring them by bus to another part of the facility. others praised the actions of the algerian military. >> ever been so relieved. going off site. >> yesterday the assyrians polled by that the incident was over. that's not true. >> west but to the algerian prime minister he told me that this first operation was complete but this is a larger complex site and they are still pursuing terrorists and possibly some hostages and other areas of the site. >> the hostage taking mastermind was not present for the attack.
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his representatives made the new demands. last summer egyptian president was the first to call for the release of the blind sheik. then protesters outside the u.s. embassy in cairo were wearing costumes. at about the same time the u.s. consulate in benghazi was stormed. >> on 911 the issue the decree, take american prisoners, western hostages in exchange for the release of the blind shake and the united states. >> fox news has confirmed that the american who died at the bp oil complex was frederick boccaccio, a texas resident. he apparently died of a heart attack during the algerian military rescue attempt. u.s. officials recovered is remains on friday and notified his family. fox news has also learned that the general manager of the dp complex escaped with some of the algerian staff and a saf. tonight the standoff is ongoing
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and extremely dangerous for those who are still being held. lou: extremely dangerous and a remote location. all but impossible to get reliable information. is there any sign that we're going to have better and permission coming from that area? >> is very difficult to say. right now the hostage-takers are dug-in. i think that information, one of the reasons are not getting information out of the u.s. governmentis the don't want to say anything that might jeopardize those americans still being held. lou: thank you so much. joining us now, k. t. mcfarland to has held national security posts under presidents ford, nixon, reagan. it this incident, as jennifer's just reported, still very dangerous and for an unknown number of americans being held hostage. we do know, as the result of the
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leader that they have at least two americans that they're willing to trade. first of your reaction to the statement that we do not negotiate with terrorists when clearly we have done just that the instance of the taliban going to the plo as well. lou: well, they have negotiated with terrorists, but i have to say that hostage situations are what have got a lot of presidents in trouble. when jimmy carter could not rescue american hostages in iran, that was what cost and the presidency. president reagan tried to negotiate terrorist -- with terrorists. the hostage trading for arms. he said he did not do it, but in effect, that's what it looked like. this is very dangerous territory politically. one thing there really starting is the necessity of saying we will trade those two hostages. a man who probably is the most defies -- despised terrrist
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planner. lou: but also, a trade that has never been specifically rule the but as a ministration. they have not said categorically that it would not occur. >> i thought that was interesting. the statement today from the state department press spokesman , we don't negotiate with terrorists. no one has the following question, can you assure us that we will never trade for any kind of hostage situation? that has not been ruled out. i sure hope that in the confirmation hearings we have next week, the next two weeks with a new cabinet officers, that question will be asked. lou: and troubling statement by the secretary of state today, and i wa to quote her. it is absolutely essential that we broaden and deepen our counter-terrorism cooperation going forward with algeria and all countries of the region. northern africa. we stand ready to further enhance that counter-terrorism support we already provide. what the united states does not
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seem to require at this point in our history is greater involvement in the region from which it appears we are extricating ourselves. >> and that is e real problem. as the united states is perceived as leaving north africa, the middle east, afghanistan was signal does that send? we are leaving behind an awful lot of american civilians, people who are involved. those people are going to be unprotected. if we have a situation where it looks like terrorists are gaining some kind of an advantage by taking american hostages, will they ta more? lou: the audacity of this operation against this bp gas plant in the eastern desert of algeria, i thought it was curious that the state department and others in our government were saying, this is a planned operation. and i found that to be so provincial.
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troublesome, as if, my god, the slowly terrorists within we have been engaged in battle for a long list conflict in the history of the superpower actually plantings. i mean, it came across as utterly mindless to me. your reaction. >> i think that was all about -- to go back to the -- that attack. the initial reaction of the administration was this is an unplanned attack. a bunch of people who are reacting. lou: in which they were proven to be complete idiots. >> that's where the tough talk now. lou: it's under the same instance. panera of rationalization. again for inaction. perhaps it is unfair, not knowing the circumstances to say this seems again as if this a ministration is being caught flatfooted and incapable of responding with power >> for months after the attack
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and we still don't have anybody in custody. we have not retaliated. and the signal that has sent is, come get us again. that's what happened when we did not respond in 2000 to the u.s.s. cole attack, the east african bombings. that's what led to september september 11th. here we all are -- here we are all over again. lou: absolutely. sitting in a luxury hotel. poolside sipping strawberry frap is according to the new york times praying about it. why? lou: thank you for being here. >> much more on developing hostage situation in algeria. the latest developments and the white house response to terrorism throughout the world as we continue. stay with us. lou: the obama economy in tonight's "chalk talk" we take a look at the obama economic
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♪ lou: vice-president biden called his meeting with the national rifle association last week productive, but they have -- they don't see it that way. representative jeff baker says he was only given five minutes to present the nra concerns. baker says that when he mentioned the need to fully enforce existing gun laws the vice-president said this, we simply don't have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody lies on the form, checks the
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wrong box or answers a question and accurately. virginia state lawmaker choosing what was probably one of the most asinine ways he could have to make a point about gun-control. delegate john morrissey saying the viejo gun laws are too lax. he pulled out an ak-47 on the floor of the state house yesterday. watch him. >> i brought an ak-47 with me. here it is. point it at the ceiling. unloaded. lou: his colleagues to my gasping with surprise, even shocked. one interrupted them to suggest that he take his thumb out of the trigger guard. his dad did not work by any measure. his bill to ban the sale of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines failed to pass from a
8:19 pm
subcommittee. that gun-control group is under some severe criticism for airing what critics call a despicable and dangerous at targeting a moderate democrat. during his 2012 reelection campaign congressman john barrell of georgia aired this that is showing his support for a second amendment and the nra. >> i am john barrell, and long before i was born, my grandfather used to this smith and wesson here to help stop alleging. for as long as i can remember my father always had this rifle real handy just to keep us safe. lou: now, the coalition to stop gun violence decided to without any assessment of the ethics involved it is that in in so doing when the congressman to be sandy hook massacre.
8:20 pm
>> breaking news. >> is shooting ata school. >> long before i was born. >> twenty children. >> children. >> children targeted. >> my grandfather used to this old smith and wesson here. >> beautiful between the ages of five engineers old. >> for as long as i can remember my father always had this rifle real handy. >> he came in. we were told that least three weapons. >> multiple weapons. lou: catch your breath yet? we ask the white house for comment. we have not heard back. wonder still whether there will repudiate such activities on behalf of the president's initiative on gun-control. a new fox pulls says light on whether the president's gun-control initiative and executive action might result in effective policy. an overwhelming 71 percent said no.
8:21 pm
people still find ways. 22 percent said tougher laws could help. remarkable margin. joining me now, to discuss the president's gun-control initiative, the issues on capitol hill. a former assistant to president george w. bush, republican strategist john christie, steven haze. stephen, by any standard but we just watched in an ad by the coalition to stop guns , what is your reaction? >> i mean, that is such an unbelievably disgraceful at. i was trying to think as i was listening to in a much in what the equivalent was. the next debt that comes to my mind, the naacp and that was targeting jurors w. bush back in 2000. talked-about dragging harry byrd behind the car. such an outrageous in-your-face ad. this is of that help, and it is
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so incredibly misleading. it is precisely the opposite of the impression. and if these kinds of groups start starting moderate read state democrats, there will be a lot fewer moderates a democrats would. lou: this is beyond belief. that is a despicable act by that group. whatever their motives. there is clearly on the left of this country. of you that their purpose is a loftthat their goals so pure, they can do whatever the hell they want to whomever they want. this is a very frightening trend >> that is the most frightening concept. this conversation to suggest that those of us is a justifiable the second amendment that are surrounding. but the worst part for me is exactly what we ust saw, the people willing to exploit the death of an essential and for
8:23 pm
their own political gain at the detriment of those who didn't agree with. lou: and as we look at the apple , this is a huge margin. surveying the american people a lot tougher gun-control legislation. is the exact opposite of what the gun-control advocates the fuse of the american people. we have looked at a four day teeseven guess it was monday on whether the most pressing problems or americans in this country, you know, chief among them the economy, the budget deficit for crying out loud. a dysfunctional governmement. in have to go to -- 4%. what in the world is going on in that town? >> not the first time there were talking about things that the rest of the country does not care about as much.
8:24 pm
interesting. this poll comes out with 71 percent of americans believing these new laws are unlikely to actually prevent ture mass shootings, and then there was a washington post-abc poll earlier this week that found 55 percent of americans believe that the most effective way or one of the most effective ways to stop these things is to have armed guards and schools. much more in line with what the nra was proposing. people are skeptical of new laws, and i think they're right to be. if there are going to be new measures undertaken, they want to do things that are not what the white house is proposing right now. lou: there is a dishonesty in this initiative that i find appalling. this president reacted skeptically to the proposal by the nra to put armed guards at schools all over the country. the nra is the only entity in this debate that has been for square concerned about public school safety and made its recommendation which would find
8:25 pm
that over 23,000 schools in the country already have armed guards. police officers. they call many of the resource officers. lou: the nra is trying to have an honest debate about gun control. how do you find a balance between the constitutional rights and those who would seek to take away guns from law-abiding americans? we cannot continue -- people who are going to break the law will not follow the law. i think that the nra has been a very good force in trying to educate americans not only of the constitutional rights but how to properly on and maintain the support. lou: governor chris christie, the nra and, talking about the president's children deserve security, and so the around. he call that repugnant, deplorable. he went on. how do you think you will react to that ad by the gun control advocates? >> we will see if he steps
8:26 pm
forward and condemns that. i did not think the nra ad was a smart move. i thought that the substantive case then made was virtually indisputable. it is the case that there is a double standard. we can debate whether the president deserves to have a double standard, particularly with respect to the secret service. but having said that, the ad in my view may president obama a sympathetic figure in the one way that they did not want to make a sympathetic. lou: you can argue that they could have done a better -- you can argue lots of things, but the fact that they point out very specifically that there is a double standard. the nra was not saying that he did not deserve nor his children deserve that extra protectio. we all know that they do. the point is, so does every american and they're children. every one of those young lives is precious to all of us thank you for being with us. thank you.
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up next, it has been one year since the president's jobs council hazmat. it has been a year since the president's jobs council hazmat. 23 million folks still without work. underemployed given up employment. so what in the world to see dog? in the "chalk talk" tonight we will grade the president, well, some of his first four years of successes and controversial, always compelling conservative author ann coulter says this is not a gun problem. it is a demographic problem. she joins us here next. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7,
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♪ lou: the president begins his second term, sworn in in a private ceremony sunday, but with a troubling development. consumer confidence at the
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lowestevel in more than a year . americans are worried, and it may be because of a lack of real progress on the economy and on some many fronts. when the president took office, the unemployed rate was just under 8%. i want to show you some of the rather static conditions that we face in the economy. back in 2009. now. in january of 2009 the poverty rate in this country was 15%. 15 percent. today, you guessed it, 15 percent. 32 million people were on food stamps back in 2009. 32 million. today an astonishing 47. forty-seven and a half million people. i still am stunned by that
8:32 pm
number. back in 2009 the median household income in this country was $51,190 per year. today has dropped to 50,000. january 2009 we had a national debt. again, it is incredible. we're talking about four years ago. obscene. absolutely obscene. today it is 16 trillion. it has worsened by almost 60%. it's not all bad news for us or for this president who is
8:33 pm
entering his second term. over the past four years in the face of obama's anti business attitudes and policies, the market has responded with love and excitement. the dow jones industrials has gone from 7,000, 7,949, are you ready for this, 13,649. pretty good by any standard. 5700 points. this is a guy who does not like wall street and does tis. the s&p has gone from 805 to 1485. 1400's. 1485. that is a pretty substantial gain as well.
8:34 pm
680 points. doing pretty good. the nasdaq is gone from 1440, 1440 to 3134. 3134. a mere 1700 points. but despite that improvement in the market a new poll from the health fined 60 percent of us don't expect any significant economic progress over the next four years of his presidency. only 38 percent of us say that we expect to be better off. that outlook doesn't change at the president does offer strong and positive leaders on the issues that matters the most americans. but the issues that matter most are not gun-control, not immigration, not even education. according to the most recent gallup poll, 21 percent of americans said the number one issue is this economy. 20 percent say it is the deficit
8:35 pm
18 percent say it is dissatisfaction with this government. 16 percent acknowledged that the unemployment is still a major problem in this country. gun-control, immiration, it doesn't even come close to the top five. americans believe i the greatest issues to resolve. guess what the president, his priorities are as we begin a new term for this president. it could make for more cheeriness. mr. president, we all wish you a successful second term, but we have the address the priorities of the american citizens and not the priorities that you have set for so far. at the inauguration to you and to all this. the food stamp challenge and america's welfare state. can a family of four eat healthy on food stamps? coupon on stephanie nelson joins us, and she says find out.
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obama's homeland security department making a decision on the tsa body scanners, and it is a body blow to the former bush homeland security director. why does the left keep talking about a gun problem? we have a mental health problem, a social problem. conservative columnist and provocateur or an coulter says we have a demographic problem. she is next. ♪ with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small busins earns 2% cash back on every purchase, ery day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on everyurchase, every day! what's in your wallet?
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could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. ♪ lou: my next guest suggests that studies comparing gun violence between europe and the united states migt be ignoring a demographic problem rather than a gun problem. joining us, syndicated columnist , best-selling author of racial demagoguery from the 70's to obama. great to have you here. i want to start. i have to start here even though this is a bit of a diversion
8:40 pm
becae you're such a supporter of governor chris christie, calling the nra ad on gun-control repugnant. is he going to be a democrat? >> he is still good on some many things. governor of the big blue's state. setting himself up for prident. well we all love about him is he does not seem to care what the liberal media thinks. then he cries when he meets bruce springsteen and says something like this. come on. it's notgoing after anyone's children. it's not even about the children. it's about the paris decision to have armed guards for their children but not yours. lou: tantillo this audience are made. governor christie. lou: and when it comes to groups that are generally on the same side, including the republican congress, i might add, i think you ought to be kind of careful before you leap in and attack them with words like reprehensible.
8:41 pm
reflect. take a moment. i don't know if you had seen the ad or someone just said to him, they're going after obama. lou: planning in on the staff. >> no. i'm saying that the republicans generally are going to be throwing unfair "said you. just don't attack your friends until you know the facts. lou: let's get to it. you think the gun control in this country is a demographic problem. >> partially. lou: what do you mean? >> well, you have a perfect description. liberals are always throwing his hat you. and statistics with what japan's engrams alike. these are very homogeneous societies. and they are saying that to gun rights supporters like me, thinking that we will be unable to speak the truth because we are not allowed to mention anything that has to do with race in this country. japanese have very little gun
8:42 pm
crime rate. japanese to come to america, even lower. apparently it is not america's composer. that has been a factor when back 20 years. if you compare white populations, we have a lower gun crime rate and belgian. so knock off the compariso. i hate the tax. a crime culture. as for the mass killings in public places, that is a mental on this problem. lou: it is young, mentally ill, white men. >> not always. lou: i did not say always. 98 percent of the time. >> not really. lou: escobar really. >> up till you what happens. it is not. lou: who was at all right? was cut down the list. >> let me explain why your list will be off. the ones that attract the
8:43 pm
attention tend to be the white males. six months ago, nev. shot of the wendy's or and i hop, shot up a bunch of naval officers or army. why does that make no news? lou: 60%. >> basically it looks like america. it looks like america with our immigration problem. the lawyer alan drill road. immigrant. the one on talking about after arizona and nevada. when not immediately going to go on welfare. lou: the last four mass
8:44 pm
shootings and the country, and i will even exceed -- >> i think it's the last two. this panic is more recent than arizona's . lou: four of the last five were young men who were mentally disturbed. by the way, whose parents, family to more mental health professionals knew the threat they were to themselves and to society. and inexcusable -- >> and random students. lou: inexcusably did not in any way. >> i don't knowhat they could have because of laws governing that mental health, and you can ink the aclu. as i keep teling him, geraldo rivera for the institutional as asian movement. we don't want to stigmatize tem as if these are people -- lou: great during the regular ministration. that is an issue.
8:45 pm
really. i think both parties. >> about 17% your mass homicides in states that allow involuntary commitment. lou: said terrific statistic, one which i have not heard. always learn something. >> thank you. lou: up next, the big victory tonight for travelers concerned about their privacy. the story is next. up net, a texas congressman paul author, former federal prosecutor, psychiatrist with a fascinating study and you have the importane of the second amendment and mental health and self-esteem. stay with this for an important update on the full epidemic cribbing the country next. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office,
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♪ lou: this year the flu season is turning out to be especially dangerous for the elderly. according to the latest update for the centers for disease control, about half of the more
8:49 pm
than 5,000 people hospitalized with the flu are between 65 -- well, age 65 and older. california joining the number of states reporting widespread flu activity bringing the total number of 40 states. nine additional child deaths have been reported this week bringing the total to 29 so far this year. the transportation security administration saying it is dropping body scanners that produce virtually nude images of travelers. the tsa says this can is to be done by june because the company that makes them can't comply with the congressional mandate ordering the stand -- scanners to produce it sticks like figures instead of the almost nude images. taxpayers spent $40 million also faced criticism for hiring former homeland security secretary michael turn off as a lobbyist for years ago after he left homewhen security he gave dozens of interviews using his
8:50 pm
government credentials to promote. up next critics say the food stamp program forces people into cheapened and healthy eating habits. the coupon mom stepanie nelson says that is not true. take a look at this. so join us next to show us how that's a bunch of nonsense. [ male announcer ] now many humana medicare plans come with a little extra help in the kitchen. in a first of its kind partnership with walmart, humana medicare plans now include 5% savings on great for you healthier foods at walmart! it's part of the vitality healthyfood program... and one more way humana medicare can help you choose what's good for your health and your wallet. so you can spend a little less money... and spend a little more time sharing what you know with the people who matter most. humana. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second...
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♪ lou: a new report by the academy of sciences questions from the federal government's food stamp program provide adequate healthy diets for the more than 46 million people on the program. my next guest says this that budget of approximately $120 per week is plenty of money to be the family of four if people
8:54 pm
knew how to shop smart. joining me now, stephanie nelson, the founder of coupon mom. author of the new york times best selling book. good to have you here. >> they cue for having me. lou: you have some groceries assembled here, and it all looks very good. $120 a week for a family of four is reasonable. >> i do. in fact a $120 per week for a family of four is the average. 41 percent actually did $668 per month for a family of fur. the average is 125. a significant percentage are getting more than certainly enough to feed a family and help the night. lou: explain to us. this looks like a very healthy food to me. i'm sure that my wife, as i said that, is saying forget about the testing goes. i love them.
8:55 pm
>> this is just an example. the planning meals around what is on sale in the grocery store and combine sales with coupons. when you do that you can save 50-90 percent off your groceries, and these are just some examples. for example, the cookies would usually be about $3.50. by one basket one free. a dollar 75 beach. now use the $1 coupon and a $0.75 instead of $3.50 which is simply an example of how strategics shopping works. one week it might get a couple of cookies and the next they get four cartons of a meal at the price of one. what i would like to teac people -- lou: four for one? >> 75 percent off when it's on sale with a coupon. you can buy more. lou: you show folks out to do this. >> that's right. what we do is we list deals.
8:56 pm
lou: can we put that up? i want you to know something. my wife has -- does strategic shopping. she is a genius with these things. the money she saved is extraordinary. just to be very clear. it's just smart. it makes no sense not to o it. >> here is the challenge. we don't teach this and schools. we don't teach this in colleges. strategic shopping for people who are good at this like your wife have sought out disinformation. perhaps read a book about it or watched on live video. we started 12 years ago to teach low-income families in my community how to do this so that they would not have to get the food pantry. taken by their own. over the years we now have 60 stores. will we do is figure out deals for people every week so they don't have to figure out the cooking thing. lou: and this costs nothing. >> it is absolutely free.
8:57 pm
>> what does the department of agriculture. everybody at your website? >> because i have not gone there yet. i only became aware of this when i was asked to appear on television with cory hacker doing this that challenge to see if he could make it on a week's worth of greece. a great guy and he had a great intentioned, but like most people he does not know how to strategic shot. they asked me to come on the show and demonstrate. that's when i became aware that our program does not provide any shopping education. lou: you probably did not fit the narrative. what you're talking about is extraordinary, the way which to expand the value of that $130 on average of taxpayer money. a great service for everyone. >> improve the purchasing power will do more than if we raise the food stamp allotment but at no cost to taxpayers. lou: the administration will probably be very hesitant there. >> we will see. lou: you are smart. we appreciate you sharing your
8:58 pm
knowledge with us and with everyone else. by the way, we are going to tell the department of agriculture, come on. get real. straight at this site. talk to stephanie. that's it for us. we hope to have a [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at today. and now you'rprotected.
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